The magnificent the go! team have worked their joyous magic on ‘Sleep Today’ and delivered an absolute classic of a remix! OUT NOW! This will be included on the new EP coming Dec 18th on Mute Records Thanks to Echo Collective for the strings and brass, Matt Kelly for drumming, Rachel Kenedy for her singing, … Continue reading THE GO! TEAM REMIX

LOVE WILL COME (MAPS’ BRAVE NEW 2020 MIX) LISTEN HERE: Love Will Come (Maps' Brave New 2020 Mix) I've been enjoying Brave New World on Sky TV which uses my tracks in the soundtrack. So I decided to revisit and rework 'Love Will Come' for 2020! Hope you enjoy it! Turn it up loud! Jx If you haven't seen #BraveNewWorld yet, get … Continue reading LOVE WILL COME (MAPS’ BRAVE NEW 2020 MIX)