‘But Now We’re Not In The Dark’


A new collaboration with the brilliant Russian Linesman. It is always a pleasure to work together, and I am so happy with this song. Hope you enjoy it!

Russian Linesman sent me his original track, which I worked on and also added the vocals, using the Linesman’s lyrics. We really enjoyed creating this.

Taken from his new album ‘If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space, Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray’.

More from Russian Linesman about his upcoming album here:

‘But Now We’re Not In The Dark (featuring Maps)’ is the first single from my forthcoming album ‘If Miniature World Is Our Safe Space, Then Pass Me The Shrink Ray’.

The project features a number of collaborators: Mercury Prize nominated Maps (Mute Records), one of Lil Peep’s producers Lederrick, Valeska Rautenberg Music, Marta Hagen, Lív Næs, Scarlet Season and Cesca.

“The album was inspired by a rummage through old boxes of lyrics and diaries during lockdown, this musical journey explores the emotional complexities of navigating modern life while yearning for the simplicity of the past.”


6-track companion piece to my album ‘Counter Melodies’!


Brand new reworkings of selected tracks from the album.

3 tracks are OUT NOW! via Mute Records
‘Witchy Feel (Counter Mix)’
‘Heya Yaha (Counter Mix)’
‘Fever Dream (Counter Mix)’

with the rest to follow on JUNE 9TH
‘Transmission (Counter Mix)’
‘Witchy Feel (Over The Counter Mix)’
‘Psyche Valentine (Counter Mix)’

I am so excited about these new versions, and really enjoyed delving ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the original tracks to produce different takes on the originals.

I really hope you enjoy these first 3 ‘Counter Mixes’. Turn them up loud. 🎶🎶🎶

Thank you everyone for your support, it honestly means the world to me. 🙏

Made with love and melody. ❤️🎶


‘Badlands On Fire’, the incredible solo album from Adam Nutter, is OUT NOW!!

It was such a joy and absolute honour to produce this album! Adam is an amazing artist and writer of such emotional and beautiful melodies. His guitar playing is just magnificent, and the whole album is a wonderful, cathartic musical exploration – setting fire to the past and looking skyward to a euphoric future. I love it. ❤️❤️❤️

This album really is medicine for the soul. It has been such a wonderful journey and it is a hugely exciting moment for all involved.

The mind-blowing artwork and design was created by Ross McCully and Nicola McCully – every part of the visual aspects of the album are just superb!

I also had the great privilege of contributing some words about the creation of each song to the Limited Edition signed book which is available to order now. Adam, Ross and myself talk about how the album came together from start to finish.

Currently available on vinyl/CD and Limited Edition Digital Pressing.

Head over to Adam Nutter’s page to order all the goodies 🙂