Hello friends! A long time ago, in the year 2006, I became friends with The Longcut We toured together, they were promoting their brilliant debut LP ‘A Call And Response’, and I was promoting the then soon to be released debut Maps album ‘We Can Create’. We also collaborated together with a remix swap. The Longcut did a fantastic take on the Maps song ‘Start Something’, and I remixed their track ‘Holy Funk’. It was my first ever remix! Both of those remixes were released on the Maps Limited Edition ‘Regions’ series (Region 2 to be exact!)
Anyway, (now you have the back story!) fast-forward 12 years and they kindly asked me to remix a track from their fantastic new album ‘Arrows’. The track is called ‘Popic’. The video was shot in Iceland and is super-cool. 


The original full-length version is available to buy/stream/dance to here:

We hope you enjoy! Turn it up.