Adam Nutter has announced his new solo album ’Badlands On Fire’ today! It was such a great honour for me to produce this album, the whole process was a joy from start to finish.

The first track we worked on together was ‘Dreamtwister’, and it became clear we were on the same page musically and sonically from the very start. Adam’s incredibly emotional and intricate guitar playing and his talent for writing beautiful, haunting melodies really connected with me and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him on this wonderful record.

The stunning video for ‘Dreamtwister’ is released today. Artist Ross McCully has also produced 8 paintings, 1 for every track on the album – which are avaialbe as prints. And they are beautiful. Ross and Nic McCully also took care of the all the art design for the project, as well as directing the video for ‘Dreamtwister’.

The LP ‘Badlands On Fire’ is released on 21/4/23.

Head over to: to pre-order all the good stuff 🔥