‘Badlands On Fire’, the incredible solo album from Adam Nutter, is OUT NOW!!

It was such a joy and absolute honour to produce this album! Adam is an amazing artist and writer of such emotional and beautiful melodies. His guitar playing is just magnificent, and the whole album is a wonderful, cathartic musical exploration – setting fire to the past and looking skyward to a euphoric future. I love it. ❤️❤️❤️

This album really is medicine for the soul. It has been such a wonderful journey and it is a hugely exciting moment for all involved.

The mind-blowing artwork and design was created by Ross McCully and Nicola McCully – every part of the visual aspects of the album are just superb!

I also had the great privilege of contributing some words about the creation of each song to the Limited Edition signed book which is available to order now. Adam, Ross and myself talk about how the album came together from start to finish.

Currently available on vinyl/CD and Limited Edition Digital Pressing.

Head over to Adam Nutter’s page to order all the goodies 🙂